The city of Bucharest....

6/08/2009 03:19:00 AM

and it's raining.

And yes, this is a quote from The Power Puff Girls. It was an episode in which the girls were stuck at home because it was pourring like just about now. It's one o'clock in the after noon and it's been raining for hours. Thunders, lightnings, water everywhere and the wish to see you. I'm writting in english, i didn't know i could still do that- working with french makes me forget the english I learnt in 12 years of school :)). I bet you can find many mistakes but i always make mistakes. In general, I mean. I dream of what I shouldn't, I wish things that can't ever happen, I want what I bet I'll never have. It's just me. A person with a woman's heart and I know it sounds rather pathetic and all but I really miss the hope that you once gave me. I miss your face and your smile and your voice. I miss you and it's raining and it hurts like shit. Everything just hurts like shit.

And now something funny... from Britain's got talent, Gareth Oliver.

Kiss ya, bitches! love smileys

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